A Whole New World of Interns!

Being a sixteen-year-old intern in the huge and unfamiliar New York City that is about to attend an event exclusively for interns can be a daunting experience filled with excitement and apprehension. The mere thought of being in a room filled with people of all backgrounds and ages who worked for local businesses trying to make a change in the world both frightened and exhilarated me.

On Thursday July, 25th a fellow Human Impacts Institute intern and I made our way out to 3rd Ward in the hopes of meeting some eco-minded people, and that we did! Susty Party took it upon themselves to bring together interns who worked in various facets of business that placed the environment as a priority. It was eye opening to see all the different ways one could make a difference in sustainability despite what their specific company or organization’s products or goals were. Fields of work that, to me, seemed unrelated to sustainability later revealed themselves to work hand in hand with conserving our environment. I had never considered how chips, chocolate, pizza, cookies, teas, condiments, computer apps, metalworkings, and party supplies could be created in earth friendly ways with eco-intentions.

The party not only opened my eyes to eco opportunities that had been invisible to me before but also revealed the passion that people with diverse interests and occupations have for going green. The night was truly enlightening and filled with amazing food, drinks, entertainment, and people. The Brooklyn Business Susty Party, or any other Susty Party for that matter, comes highly recommended due to the amazing food, drinks, overall fun yet informative atmosphere, and inspiring conversations with diverse people that you are inevitably going to meet.

Haley De Porte, Environmental Education Intern

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