A Day for the Trees

It’s the trees that we were celebrating on Sept. 22nd—day three of the Ten Days of Climate Action 2013.

The highlight of the day is Anthony Heinz May’s sculpture installed in Socrates Sculpture Park at Queen’s waterfront. May’s work Re: Spectré is based on a tree trunk uprooted by Superstorm Sandy. For May, his work is about the blurring of lines between the real and artificial, by exposing relationships between humans, nature and technology. The sculpture is also part of the EAF13: 2013 Emerging Artists Fellowship Exhibition, which is on view daily at the park through March 31st, 2014. The artist’s other pieces will be on display at Dumbo Arts Festival 2013.


Alongside with May’s inspiring sculpture, Human Impacts Institute encouraged park visitors to hug a tree and to challenge the preconceived notion of "tree huggers" or “environmentalists.” The intention is to invite New Yorkers to connect to nature and to the local environment, and to show that everyone can be a treehugger—people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds connect to nature, rely on the environment and can be (or are) tree huggers. During the two hours when the sign was up, not every passerby took the step to hug the tree, but the impact of the initiative didn’t stop there. Some looked at the sign and pondered in front of the tree, and others took pictures of the tree and the sign. An unnoticeable impression might spark change and action.

Besides hugging a tree, you can also adopt a tree online through MillionTreesNYC.

Li Tang, Design and Marketing Intern

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