Volunteer Diaries: Haley DePorte, “The Time for Youth to Take Action is Now”

That was the main focus of the first day of the 2013 Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Age is but a number but passion exceeds all obstacles. Don’t let age stop you from working on your goals. It may be intimidating to be a young person with goals of helping the worlds but just remember there are thousand of others just like you who have made their voices heard.

That was what almost every speaker tried to enforce, that no matter what age you can make the change that you want to see. Romanian Ambassador, Simona Miculescu, inspired by urging people to use social media the way it should be used. She urged us youths to send the message of change to the world in the hopes of inspiring others to join the cause to help improve human life. To me this idea seemed revolutionary, who would have thought that Facebook could be used as anything more than cataloguing one's life. Now I saw how all the social media that I have grown accustomed to could be used as a magnificent tool to bring people with similar passions together.


“We cannot build our future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” this was said by Miculescu and it resonated quite fiercely with me. We need to educate our youth and give us the tools of knowledge and experience so that our generation can make a difference. With 57 million children without access to education, people without access to clean drinking water, and millions of people living on a dollar a day there is much to be passionate about fixing. Find the cause that speaks to you and get involved. I am not telling you that everyone with passion needs to go and start their own organization, I am only stating that no matter your passion there will most likely be a group already doing work to help reach your goals. The idea is that you volunteer it is never too early to give back to the world and make your mark. Not only does volunteering benefit the community but it also helps you find people who share your passions.Nassir Abdilaziz Al-Nasser stated that we must make the world we want to see not a wish but a reality.

So how are you as a person going to make the world that you dream of? Are you going to volunteer, get educated on the topic and spread the word, or are you going to let the future be an abstract dream? The choice is yours to make the future a better place, are you up for the challenge?

By Haley DePorte, 2013 Environmental Education Intern, Human Impacts Institute

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