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10 Days of Climate Action 2013 Awards Party!

January 15, 2014

On Tuesday October 8th, the Human Impacts Institute held is Climate Action Awards to celebrate the culmination of a very successful 10 Days of Climate Action 2013. Held at the lovely Isa restaurant in Williamsburg, BK, the awards ceremony  boasted lovely refreshments from Isa, music by DJ Nicolas Shiran, and a shared goal amongst guests to take climate action and celebrate the amazing artists that participated in this years 10 Days of Climate Action.


Many Action Awards attendees partook in the Climate Action Hour. The Climate Action Hour allowed climate experts/change makers to collaborate on methods to take climate action! Individuals from many sectors and varying degrees of climate knowledge expressed personal concerns and solutions to combating climate issues.

After the Climate Action Hour, the Action Awards commenced. During this time, attendees had the opportunity to learn who 10 Days of Climate Action judges Colin BeavanJohn FiegePaul Morris, and Evan Van Hook chose as the winner. Winners were based on three components: overall aesthetic, connection to climate change, and how well the artistic piece drove audiences to take action on climate issues. The winners of 10 Days of Climate Action 2013 were…


First Place: Sue Albert- Tidemarks

Second Place: Anthony Heinz May- Re: Spectre

Third Place: Green Maps SystemsAdapting to Climate Change Cycle Tour

Professional videos of each artistic piece were screened during the event. Audience members had the opportunity to view the videos and vote for who they believed best depicted what 10 Days of Climate Action is all about.  After the votes were tallied, the People’s Choice Award winner was:


Anthony Heinz May- Re: Spectre


The Climate Action Awards was a wonderful event that successfully brought 10 Days of Climate Action 2013 to an exciting conclusion! To watch all of 10 Days of Climate Action artists projects, click here.


Melanie Griffin, Outreach Coordinator

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