Tidemarks: What are your Post-Sandy Memories?

Artist Sue Allbert brought her multi-media work Tidemarks to the Southside Connex Street Festival in Brooklyn, NY on September 28th—Day 9th of the Ten Days of Climate Action 2013. The QR codes on the needlepoint cushions take viewers, through the QR phone app, to the artist’s videos of objects found after Hurricane Sandy. The videos take the viewers one year back when the disaster just happened. After experiencing Allbert’s artwork, one viewer recalled that she watched all of her friends’ belongings go up in smokes and flames. Another viewer was reminded that she witnessed people miss out on their education as a result of the hurricane.


The spectators also had the opportunity to send a postcard to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to call for recognition and protection for climate refugees. It was made possible by the Environmental Justice Foundation from UK. They also hosted Postcards from the Frontlines event in London on September 25th as part of the Ten Days of Climate Action 2013. Learn how to send your own postcard to the UN today!

By Li Tang, Design and Marketing Intern

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