How to Maintain a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Tackling climate change, cutting down on pollution, and creating a sustainable planet takes time and requires collaboration from people around the world. Although these are large-scale issues, every individual can do his or her part to create a greener Earth.

Starting a sustainable lifestyle can begin in the home. There are simple tasks that can be easily done around the house to cut down on electricity usage and at the same time cut down on the bills.

These tasks include:

  • Turning off lights when leaving the room

  • Turning off the television when not in use

  • Switching lights to florescent bulbs

  • Trading in paper towels for washable towels

  • And of course, recycle

Switching old behaviors to accommodate the more sustainable practices will help contribute to the global sustainability initiative.

People often overlook washer and dryer usage when attempting to lower their carbon footprint. Washers and dryers are the largest energy expense for most households. It is surprisingly simple to cut down on this cost as the weather takes a turn for the warmer side. After washing clothes, utilize the sun’s energy by placing clothing on a line or on a folding rack outside in a spot that receives continual sunlight. This process might even shorten drying time! One additional simple tip to cut down on energy from the washing machine is to wash clothes in cold or warm water instead of hot. This takes up less energy while still getting the job done. Get started today for a better tomorrow.

Written by Erica Prince, Environmental leadership intern.

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