Tree Care Tuesdays With HII!

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Our Tree Care Tuesdays are volunteer opportunities encouraging engagement from people of all ages and backgrounds. The goal of Tree Care Tuesdays is to beautify NYC neighborhoods, create community relationships, promote green space, mitigate air pollution, and prevent stormwater runoff.

Here are some reasons why tree care is important

  • Trees help replenish the supply of O2 in the air

  • Trees help cycle nutrients in the soil and bolster the soil integrity

  • Slow storm water runoff through their extensive root system

  • Act as carbon sinks, reducing atmospheric CO2 levels

  • Give us shade

  • Act as windbreaks

  • Trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

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This month the HII crew worked around PS132 The Conselyea School and the tree beds around that area. We helped remove trash, debris and other materials around the tree beds to allow the trees to have optimal growth. Furthermore we provide mulch to the treebeds to give them a better growth medium. Our tree care sessions involve a range of volunteers from the community and beyond alongside HII crew for the clean-up, aeration and mulching of the tree beds. Come out and spend some quality time with the community and mother nature while making a difference!

Written by Samir Jagdish, Environmental Services Intern

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