City of Water Day – Hoboken

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This past Saturday, July 12, The Human Impacts Institute Crew trekked over the Hudson River to Hoboken, New Jersey to attend City of Water Day. This year the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance held Hoboken’s first City of Water Day, along with the annual celebration on Governor’s Island. In previous years, The Human Impacts Institute attended the daylong event of Governors Island. Although there was a small turn out compared to the event on Governors Island, we were still able to spread the word about the organization and have fun while doing so.

We brought a few activities along- such as native bird and fish species cards and an inspirational white board. The pictures represent birds and fish that are native to the New York/New Jersey area. Young children as well as adults enjoyed identifying the various birds and fish. We also enjoyed hearing what people would like to see more of in New Jersey, as the answers contrasted the usual ones we get around New York City streets. Many asked if they could eat the native fish that live in the local waters. Every year the DEC comes out with a document for the NYC region that reports which and how many of each fish are safe for human consumption. This document gives detail on the popular catches in the local waterways. It is important to check on what should be kept for safe consumption and what should be thrown back in the water!

City of Water Day was a great opportunity for The Human Impacts Institute and other like minded organizations to come together in hope to use New York City’s waterways to there fullest potential. The day also promoting fun on the water with free kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and sailing lessons!

Fun facts why you should support the local fisheries!

- Local fish costs less!

- You get better quality fish with less traveling time

- Buying local fish offers a unique variety

- You are supporting local businesses

- Learn more about your region and the native species that share your home

View this video to learn more about native bird species in NYC!

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