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For the next several weeks the TGB Theater in Midtown Manhattan is presenting a play called This Will All Be Yours. The Human Impacts Institute had the chance to see the play last week. The show takes place in Middle America, and discusses the decline of family farms in the 1970’s. The Price family has been running their own farm for many generations; however, it is becoming apparent that American life is changing. There is an emphasis on the fact that during this time period, the demand for produce in America was vastly changing, and placing a demand on small farmers, which was often too heavy. The Price family had to find their own way to adapt to these transformations.

By the end of the twentieth century, fruit and vegetables were being imported from outside of the United States so that they could be purchased throughout the year. Many farms had been knocked down, and subdivisions were built in their place. While these fruits and vegetables were easily accessible, they often lacked flavor, as they were frozen and damaged in the shipping process. Fortunately some small farmers have lasted though the decline, and are still able to provide fresh fruit. In the past decade the support of local farmers has increased and so has the popularity of farmers markets. Many consumers regained appreciation for fresh fruits with full flavor, which are much easier to find in this type of setting.

This Will All Be Yours does an excellent job in educating viewers about family farms that once existed in the United States, and the change that occurred which lead to their decline. It may also help viewers appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables that are still available today, and perhaps lead them to support local farmers in their practices.

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It’s 1979 and progress is about to land on everybody’s doorstep, sometimes gently and other times with a giant thud. Not all members of the Price family feel the same about what change means, but by the time they acknowledge that the landscape has shifted, it may already be too late to save their way of life.

Starting in the 1930s right through the 1980s, a quiet shift was taking place – family-owned farms began to slowly disappear from the American landscape. They were replaced by huge malls, housing developments, or absorbed by larger commercial enterprises. The vanishing of America’s farming community serves as the inspiration for This Will All Be Yours, a play with music by playwright and former New York Times columnist Laura Pedersen. THIS WILL ALL BE YOURS is one of the featured plays of The 2014 Midtown International Theatre Festival.


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