Native Species Planting

This past Friday, The Human Impacts Institute held our Native Species Planting Day in East River State Park. We planting a range of plants that once naturally thrived in the New York City area; including switch grass, beach grass, blueberry bushes, plum trees, black-eyed Susan, Echinacea, and a few others. These plants were placed around the children’s area, close to the water. We had a great turnout of volunteers to enthusiastically help plant, including Brooklyn Dayhab.

East River State Park is an urban oasis located in North Brooklyn with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. The park is filled with character from the remnants of the 19th century shipping dock and old railroad yard that once inhabited the area. The newly planted native flowers, trees, and grass compliment the park’s historic beauty while adding to the plants already maturing.

The Human Impacts Institute’s initiative at East River State Park helps educated the public on the previous foliage that inhabited Brooklyn and its surroundings. We would love to see more native species planted in other parks around the area. If you are interested in having a native species planting in a park near you, we would be happy to help!

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