Creative Climate Awards: Chalk Circle Change

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On Sunday, October 12th, 2014, artist Carl Landegger hosted an interactive art piece and social change project called, “Chalk Circle Change”. This performance piece is in the running for the Creative Climate Awards as an interactive art piece inspired by issues of climate change. On 125th street in Harlem, NY the performance piece consisted on a simple game for members of the community and passersby to play. The premise goes like this: give people sidewalk chalk and circle as many pieces of litter on the street as quickly as you can. Once everything has been circled, go back through the streets and pick up the trash. This fun, engaging activity attracted a huge range of participants from kids to adults alike.

“The response I got was incredible. I heard from a ton of people how glad they were that we were addressing these issues of waste and environmental stewardship,” stated artist Landegger. The act of circling the trash leaves behind a reminder once the trash has been disposed of. It’s a memory of thoughtlessness and how waste affects our neighborhoods, aesthetically, psychologically, and environmentally. “Once the circling begins, questions emerge within the community as to where the litter ends up and in some instances bystanders are motivated to pick up the discarded objects. Our message is simple; let’s make the invisible visible and bring the focus back down to earth one circle at a time.”

As an official part of Climate Week NYC and in partnership with Positive Feedback and Artbridge, the Human Impacts Institute’s Fourth Annual Creative Climate Awards brings together the visual arts, performance art, and film to install climate-inspired public works throughout New York City. In an effort to inspire people to think more critically about our actions and their impacts, The Creative Climate Awards program uses creativity to broaden the climate conversation, inspire action, and to combine art and education with diverse climate themes.

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By LeAnne Harvey, Community Relations Manager, Human Impacts Institute

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