Creative Climate Awards: Dawn of the Anthropocene

How can you ignore a “future” disappearing before your own eyes? It’s nearly impossible, as we found on Sunday, September 21st, at one of our Creative Climate Awards nominees’ events. Artists LigoranoReese created a sculpture titled, “Dawn of the Anthropocene”, an ice sculpture of the words “THE FUTURE” situated directed in front of the Flatiron building, that drew in a diverse audience from 10am til 10pm.

The sculpture measured 21 feet wide, 5 feet tall, and weighed 3,000 pounds. “This event is part sculpture, part installation, part performance, and an internet media event. But most of all, we make art for social change installing temporary public sculptures to mark important historical events. The Climate Summit is that and more,” stated Nora Ligorano. The installation also fell on the day of the People’s Climate March, a rally of over 400,000 people protesting the use of fossil fuels, and demanding political action on climate change from our global leaders at the UN Summit. The sculpture was a landing zone for people leaving the march, reminding them of the future they were marching for.

“Engaging the public through non-conventional means is the heart of what we do,” says Marshall Reese. HII shares the same mission and was there to actively engage the public by starting discussion and asking the public, “What are you most worried about for the future?” We heard some powerful answers and couldn’t shake the fact that they all can be tied back into global climate change.

As an official part of Climate Week NYC and in partnership with Positive Feedback and Artbridge, the Human Impacts Institute’s Fourth Annual Creative Climate Awards brings together the visual arts, performance art, and film to install climate-inspired public works throughout New York City. In an effort to inspire people to think more critically about our actions and their impacts, The Creative Climate Awards program uses creativity to broaden the climate conversation, inspire action, and to combine art and education with diverse climate themes.

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By LeAnne Harvey, Community Relations Manager, Human Impacts Institute

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