Meeting and Making new ‘Friends’

Partnering with Friends Seminary for its annual Day of Service, the Human Impacts Institute invited the lovely 8th graders from Friends to help us protect and improve the East River State Park, and New York greenspace everywhere.

Even though last Tuesday, April 28th was an exceptionally windy day, it was the friendliness and openness of the students’ that blew us away. Following an overview of the difference between ‘trash’ that can still be recycled (like paper plates and plastic bottles) and trash that has to go to a landfill (plastic bags, cigarette butts), the students did a sweep to pick up litter. They also raced against the clock to compete for big prizes (read: a choice between ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ DVD, a reusable Whole Foods bag, or a collection of delicious healthy treats) in our East River State Park Bingo.

Instagram - We had a blast with @friendsseminary today! Thanks for choosing HII

After lunch, HII staff and interns led three groups: one on a tour of the Park’s flora and fauna (quick! did you know you can actually make coffee out of the Park’s Kentucky Coffeetrees?), one in making chalk art, and another to learn about climate change in New York with our nifty Climate Wheel.

We’re so glad we had the chance to spend a day at the park with such a cool group of kids - and we hope they can make some of our upcoming summer programs...until then, we at HII hope you continue to Inspire, Act, and Share!

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