HII’s 2015 Summer Series Kick-Off!

Human Impacts Institute is excited to have kicked-off its 2015 East River State Park Summer Series!

The fabulous folks from Brooklyn Day Hab came out to help take care of the East River State Park on the first “Tree Care Tuesdays” of the season. With input and advice from the State Parks team, we tackled a corner of the Park where lots of young trees are blooming, which need special love and attention as they grow.


The trees need particular protection from an all-too common invader: artemesia vulgaris, also known in the common vernacular as mugwort or wormwood (mmm, worm and warts). The weed is extremely common in urban areas, particularly in nitrogenous soils. To be fair, though, the genus and its relatives are noted by some to have medicinal properties (and in England, was sometimes used as a beer flavorer!).

After weeding about a ¾ foot around the trees, we aerated the soil with our picks, which is important for increasing the ability of the trees to absorb nutrients (think of it as washing dirt off our skin so we can better absorb our (all-natural, of course) lotions and creams). Then we added mulch (a mix of wood and bark chips) around the trees, both to help prevent the regrowth of weeds and as extra nutrients.


Finally, we relaxed, had lunch, and enjoyed the East River breeze - and we’re looking forward to doing it again at the next Tree Care Tuesday on July 14th from 10am-12pm. Can’t make the 14th? Then come to any one of our summer-long events, all of which are free and open to the public. You can learn more about each event and register here:

Next Up: Grow Your Green Thumb. Grow your green thumb by learning about the plants throughout the park, including fun facts about native species from City and State gardeners! Tuesday, May 19th, 10am-12pm East River State Park 90 Kent Avenue @N8th, Brooklyn Register today>>

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