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On Tuesday, May 19, the Human Impacts Institute held its second Summer Series event East River State Park, and the first environmental educational event (you can check out last week’s Tree Care Tuesday here).

Folks had a chance to explore the Park and compare what it looks and feels like today with what the area once was (for more on that, read more about the amazing in-depth Mannahatta Project). We also checked out HII’s newest arrivals: baby oysters!!!


The oysters arrived last week courtesy of the Billion Oyster Project and the New York Harbor School. They’re pretty small right now - some are spats, and some are little oysters taking refuge within larger oyster shells, but maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll grow throughout the season. We’ll also be hosting a special event on oysters on September 8th (learn more here), with special guest Sam Janis from the Billion Oyster Project.

Unfortunately - we also saw the harm that was done to the young trees - some of which we helped to de-weed.​


Branches had been torn off, which can severely impact the ability of the trees to grow and mature. It’s more difficult for young trees to heal themselves, and reduce the chance that they will survive the season. If you see someone pulling on the branches of trees - please tell them to stop. You’ll be saving (tree) lives if you do!

Next week we’ll take another dive into exploring the Park, including starting nature journals and more about the identifying trees. And if the tide is right - checking on our baby oysters! Learn more about our summer series here, and about our next event (on Tuesday May 26 from 2-4pm) here.

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