Bugging Out with the NYC Compost Project!

E=MC2. That is, Energy (in the form of dirt) = Much Composting. Or...something like that. Point is - there’s a lot of energy and movement in the world of NYC composting right now, and wanted our East River State Park Summer Series how to get in on the action!

So last Tuesday (June 16), the folks from the NYC Compost Project, hosted by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (BBG) team came out and showed us how to do The Worm and get an indoor composting bin going. Renée Crowley, outreach coordinator for the BBG-managed NYC Compost Project and Luke Halligan, compost educator and gardener extraordinaire hosted the workshop at the East River State Park.

Luke brought his demonstration worm bin, which contained red worms, partially composted food scraps, and ‘bedding’ (mostly torn up newspaper).

He gave us the rundown of how to set up an indoor composter, some common troubleshooting (pro tip: don’t put banana peels in the composter unless you’ve washed the skin, as bananas are the most common source of fruit fly infestations), and an overview of the brief but still fascinating life of a worm. Fun fact: the ‘brain’ of a worm is called a Cerebral Ganglion, which also sounds like it would be an awesome band name. Somebody get on that!

If you’re thinking about starting to indoor compost, you can buy a kit here, and learn more about how to compost here.

Luke and Renée also discussed an exciting new development happening in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods: the expansion of the Dept. of Sanitation’s residential composting program. It’s a voluntary program, and any one in the roll-out districts will be able to get a brown bin in which to put all their compost (pretty much anything goes; you can see a full listing here), and which the DoS will collect.

Thanks again for coming out, BBG, and we’ll let you know how our new indoor composting project goes!

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