Getting into the Weeds

In spite of the darkening skies and muggy weather, Human Impacts Institute was glad to host our friends from UN Temple of Understanding (a non-profit dedicated to building interfaith alliances across ages and countries) as part of our East River State Park Summer Series program.

Arriving to the East River State Park bright and early, our volunteers immediately put themselves to work weeding the local waterfront area—we certainly don’t want weeds stealing valuable water and nutrients from our lovely new shrubberies! Other volunteers wandered the shoreline, picking up trash and enjoying the views at the same time. Despite the occasional rainshower, spirits were high. Our devoted volunteers blasted music and chatted as they worked, filling truckload after truckload with weeds. In only a few hours, we had weeded about half of the shoreline…By noon, our volunteers were exhausted, and rightfully so! They did a fantastic job, and left our park more beautiful than they had found it two hours earlier.

Want to get your hands dirty too? We hope to see you on August 11th for our next Tree Care Tuesday event! You can RSVP right here, and check out all of our events here!

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