Climate, Art, and Animals: Presenting at WCS’ Summer Intensive!

When Ashley Herbolich, Conservation Educator at the Wildlife Conservation Society (and former Human Impacts Institute intern) called us up back in April and asked if we would be interested in leading a workshop for WCS’ summer intensive, we were bugging out at the chance to spread the HII word (see evidence thereof below)!

We were also delighted that Melissa Fleming was able to join us and co-lead the workshop. An artist, scientist (and in a former life, a financial analyst), she led a presentation on the intersections of art and climate change, from Nele Azevedo’s melting ice-people to Naziha Mestaoui's Virtual Forests.

But HII’s mission isn’t just about learning - it’s about motivating you to make a positive human in whatever way works best for you. So, as part of the workshop, we (and by we I mean our amazing Education & Outreach Intern Lena Greenberg) handed out stickers (you know, the large Avery-style printing labels) to the students and encouraged them design their own version of climate change art: what do you think when they hear the phrase ‘climate change’? What does it mean to you? What impacts do you think you’ll see in your lifetime?

Workshop participants could then do whatever they wanted with the stickers: paste them on notebooks, the fridge, a lamppost or community board, and share their art with the world!

If you’re interested in getting involved and/or learning more about the intersections of art and climate change, check out HII’s Creative Climate Awards, and mark your calendars for the exhibition and events! Also check out Melissa Fleming’s website, and email her if you’re interested in having her present at your event.

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