Tree Care Tuesday 2015 - a Final Bough

In past years we branched out our Tree Care Tuesdays to various City Parks in Brooklyn. This year, we kept it local at the East River State Park, as part of our Summer Series, co-sponsored by the New York State Parks Department. This allowed us to focus on one greenspace and see how its flora and fauna progressed throughout the months.

We began in May by weeding and mulching around our serviceberry bushes (planted in 2014 by the Human Impacts Institute!). While the young plants had suffered some damage because some people had decided ripping off branches was a good idea, all but one have survived to leaf another day. We were also able to kick off our first Summer Series event with our longtime (and awesome) partners from Brooklyn Day Hab!

June saw us in the weeds; rather, weeding around the newly planted flower beds on the west side of the Park. And we were lucky to be able to recruit Morgan Stanley volunteers to help out. Sadly, despite their best efforts and our rooting around, we couldn’t make money grow on our Park trees.

July was so humid the keyboard is sweating as I write this, but that didn’t keep the cool folks from UN-affiliate Temple of Understanding from joining us on the beach for some litter pickup (and an impromptu photoshoot). With a backdrop of the East River and the Empire State Building, who could resist?

August is typically the quietest month in NYC, so we’re glad we had Teens In Action (from Grace Episcopal Church in Rhode Island) to bring us some much needed energy! Even as Program Manager Lena had to seek refuge from the sun under one of the Park’s Kentucky Coffeetrees, the indomitable group from RI showed us it’s not the size of the State that matters, it’s the energy of the people in it. (Proof here).

And then, sadly, it was abought that time for our final Tree Care Tuesday of the season. We were joined by Zenith Optimedia, who impressed Park staff with their speed and discipline; they mowed through the weeds like...a powerful lawnmower.

But we were especially glad that the team that helped us kick off TCT was there to help us celebrate the end of another season. Human Impacts and the State Parks Department provided Certificates of Leadership, as well as a stipend generously provided by the Citizens Committee of New York. Our ED, Tara DePorte, even Skyped in from France to personally congratulate the Day Hab team.

We really hope they will join us again next summer, and until then: we’ll all make like a tree and leaf!

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