Human Impacts at the Go Green! Brooklyn Festival

It was a warm day in McCarren Park last Saturday, June 4th. Executive Director of HII, Tara DePorte, and I, the new Program Manager, set up a table to represent HII at the Go Green! Brooklyn Festival. Luckily for me, there was an extra tent so that I could be in the shade all day. For the table, we brought along our own green tablecloth, a white board, the climate wheel for people to spin, and quiz cards to ask them questions. The climate wheel has four categories: easy, medium, hard and very challenging. Each category is a reflection of a temperature increase due to climate change, with a best case scenario of 5-8°C if we take drastic action, all the way up to 12-15°C if we do nothing about climate change. The level of difficulty for the questions increased as the temperature rose.

From 11:30am until 5pm, I asked passing festival-goers if they’d like to play the quiz game for a prize. They spun the climate wheel and I asked them a question based on the level of difficulty they landed on. Everyone got a piece of candy for participating, and a granola bar if they answered the question correctly (while supplies lasted). Most participants were children, although some adults played as well. A few people asked for the most challenging questions, even if the wheel landed on an easier category. I would estimate that I talked to around 200 people over the course of the festival, sometimes briefly and other times extensively about environmental issues. Everyone was very friendly and happy to learn, a refreshing change in a field often fraught with controversy and disbelief. Overall it was a very fun festival and a great day to be outside representing HII!

Here’s an interview I did for one of the festival organizers on Periscope.

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