Meet the 2016 Summer Interns

This year the Human Impacts Institute has some great summer interns. Young, attractive, and climate conscious, the following individuals are people you should get to know a little better...

Rachel, our intrepid Environmental Education Intern, is one of the main people in charge of Tree Care Tuesdays. She enjoys teaching people of all ages about the importance of environmental stewardship. Her favorite color is green and her favorite food is avocado - which she refers to as "Nature's butter".

Becky is one of our lovely Global Leadership Interns. She is currently working tirelessly to ensure that this year's Creative Climate Awards (coming this October - make sure to check it out!) runs smoothly. Becky is enthusiastic about art and in particular the way art can encourage people to take action. Becky also likes nature and is known to ride a bike to work, occasionally.

Sami works hard to look so effortlessly cool. As this summer's NGO Management Intern she is commonly found typing away on her laptop in the most comfortable chairs around the office. Sami loves loves loves dogs along with most animals. She also enjoys pizza and saving the environment. A New York native, Sami had not planted anything until this summer when she became a superb gardener for Tree Care Tuesdays.

André is our second lovely Global Leadership Intern and doesn't' know I am using this photo of him and dog Audrey for the Meet the Interns blog. Audrey is a common sight around the office. He enjoys belly rubs and treats, while André enjoys sugary coffee drinks. André is aspiring to go to law school and is especially passionate about human rights issues.

About the author:

Although she thought she was exempt from this blog (being the author), Nellie is this summer's Creative Communications Intern and therefore required to participate. Outside of consistently taking often unflattering photos of her fellow interns, Nellie enjoys pineapple and screaming into the void that is social media.

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