A Happy Yet Nostalgic Closing Party of CCA 2016, In The Spirit of Halloween

(Mother Nature (Tara DePorte) gives opening remarks)

On October 27th, I (a bird after an oil spill) sat on the subway in a feathered mask, on my way to meet Mother Earth and an Ice Princess in the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of New York. The Creative Climate Closing Party was a climate themed costume party; the sun powered a solar panel who energetically bounced from one piece to the next, reading how she could further make an impact on the world around her, and a goldfish swam over to the Worm Selfie booth to take a picture with compost worms.

Baba Brinkman began the festivities by performing a climate rap that got people moving and thinking about climate change. Guests seemed to be examining the artwork intently, looking at what climate actions they could perform, and learning about small things they can do everyday to make a difference. The winner of the Creative Climate Award, Vikram Arora, was able to raise awareness and inspire others to act against deforestation with his installation piece for the “Kalava Movement,” located in East River State Park.

I found it very comforting to know what a large community of people cared about climate change, and were willing to work against it. The costumes were fun and creative, but also made it clear that the underlying motive for gathering was not lost on the guests. Everyone had the effects of climate change on their mind, and wanted to do something about it.

(Vikram Arora is the winning artist of CCA 2016 with his installation "Kalava Movement")

(Baba's climate rap gets the people going!)

(Tara, Alan, Sara and Genna in their climate costumes)

Sincere thank you to everyone that supported us during this year's Creative Climate Awards! We are already planning CCA 2017 so keep following us.

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