An Opening Night Full of Inspiration

(Tara DePorte gives the opening remarks)

On September 27th, the 2016 Creative Climate Awards opened its doors to the public and invited artists from all over the world to share their work with the public with the goal of inspiring action against climate change. The event took place at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of New York in Midtown Manhattan.

After some opening words from our amazing founder Tara Deporte, attendees enjoyed music played by Quartet: This Side Up from Face the Music. The following act was a 30 minute long performance piece by the Vangeline Theater that served as commentary on the consumption of disposable coffee cups. Observers watched and meditated on the effects of their consumption, discussing their interpretations of the performance. Others were free to explore the exhibit.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and passion, as guests examined different works and considered what they could do to combat the effects of climate change. Many took home balls of yarn provided by Vikram Arora to wrap around trees and join the Kalava Movement, meant to raise awareness about deforestation. Others lingered near Mechthild Schmidt Feist’s L.E.S.S. installation, where they were allowed to remove one item in exchange for the pledge to reduce their consumption.

As the night came to an end, I left the building feeling inspired and aware if my contribution to climate change, and with a renewed determination to combat what I've done to harm the planet by fighting for it.

(Tara with CCA's artists and judges)

(The Vangeline Theater performed their dance "Wake up and smell the coffee")

(Live music performed by Ocean Eats Cities)

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