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PBS American Portrait: A Community Forum

2020 is creating great change in NYC. Join the Human Impacts Institute's ED and other NYC thought leaders to explore community vulnerability and sustainability across the five boroughs.

Featuring video from everyday New Yorkers and conversation with community leaders, PBS AMERICAN PORTRAIT: A Community Forum explores community vulnerability and sustainability across New York City. Tara DePorte, Executive Director and Founder, The Human Impacts Institute; Courtney French, Interim Artistic Director, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning; Aniqa Nawabi, Executive Director, Muslim Community Network; Elizabeth Bennett, Executive Director, Staten Island Arts; and Davon Russell, President, WHEDco, will discuss the unique challenges facing New Yorkers today. Moderated by Jenna Flanagan, host of MetroFocus on THIRTEEN, the conversation will also look to solutions for community sustainability.

Check out the 2020 Creative Climate Awards

Nov 15th-December 15th

Virtually and in NYC Storefronts​

Vote for our most inspiring CCA artist>>

The Creative Climate Awards (CCA) are an annual series of events that showcase artists creating climate-inspired public works and actions. Over the last decade, CCA has showcased climate-inspired artwork from around the globe, including 194 artists from 31 countries and reached over 200,000 audience members.

Responding to local needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 CCAs are bringing the diversity of NYC creatives, environmental and social justice advocates to your doorstep.  Join us for virtual events and see the artwork virtually and in-person in storefronts across NYC.  

Image: Joyce Hwang and Prathap Ramamurthy with City as Living Laboratory (CALL/WALK)

Artivist with Me

Every Sunday at 10am NYC | Virtual

Nov 15th-December 15th


Join our 2020 Creative Climate Awards Artists for a conversation about art, activism, and why they use creativity to inspire action. Tune in every Sunday for three conversations with NYC artists who are pushing artistic boundaries, while combating the climate crisis.

Grab your favorite brunch treats and have a conversation with the Human Impacts Institute's 2020 Creative Climate Awards artists. Learn about their process, their community, and how they use their creativity to inspire social change.

A Thanksgiving Celebration: De-colonizing Food in America

Wednesday, November 25th 7-8:30pm NYC | Virtual

Join the Human Impacts Institute in a conversation on food, history, and indigenous knowledge. In celebration of the Thanksgiving tradition in the U.S., we are bringing together a stunning panel of experts in native food systems, colonization, and in connecting to our culture(s) through the land.


All registrants will get a free link to watch the critically-acclaimed new film, GATHER The Fight to Revitalize Native Food Ways WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.

We recommend you watch the film before our conversation for the fullest experience.

Special guests include:

Sanjay Rawal , Director, GATHER

Beth Roach, Co-founder of Alliance of Native Seedkeepers and councilperson of the Nottoway Tribe of Virginia

(invited) representative, World Food Programme

Imagine There’s a Future...

Wednesday, December 2nd 7-8:30pm NYC | Virtual

Join us and artist Eve Mosher as she discusses the duality of climate grief and climate courage. She will share methods for creativity in showing us the possibility for great change and evolution that we are approaching in a year of tumult, anxiety and catastrophe.

This salon will explore questions such as: How do we create a future which values human relationships and centers justice and car? How do we emerge from this moment as a species more in tune with the ecosystem in which we live?

Together, we will explore the value of imagination, creativity, play and possibility. 

Long-term Thinking in Uncertain Times

Wednesday, December 9th, 7-8:30pm NYC | Virtual

Join us and artist Sarah Cameron Sunde, creator of 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea, co-founder of Works on Water, for a process-based conversation with her current collaborators as they work to build the final work in her 36.5 series in Lenapehoking - New York City.

This salon will dive deep into questions, such as: How do we deepen the work when the pandemic throws us a hard-ball?  How do we go into the unknown and trust in a slow process? How do we work hyper-locally with a global perspective? 

Art & Action Chats

Every Friday at 12pm NYC | Virtual

November 13th-December 18th

Grab a meal and have a conversation with the Human Impacts Institute's 2020 Creative Climate Awards curators and their special guests. Explore the intersection of the climate crisis with issues, such as racial justice, gentrification, waste and consumerism with NYC's leading cultural institutions, policymakers, artists and activists.

Each week will be facilitated by a different CCA guest curator. Join us for them all!

Friday, November 13th: Bronx Council on the Arts

Friday, November 20th: The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA)

Friday, November 27th: WATCH the new, inspiring film, GATHER, with your family! Join our special WEDNESDAY De-colonizing Food in America Thanksgiving Celebration and get the free code.

Friday, December 4th: Materials for the Arts

Friday, December 11th: Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Friday, December 18th: Chinatown Art Brigade

It's Getting Hot in Here! A Climate Action Benefit

Tuesday, December 15th at 7-9pm NYC | Virtual

Join the Human Impacts Institute for our 10th annual Creative Climate Awards closing party! It will be an evening of immersive, virtual experiences, including live performances, mingling with participating artists, and networking with climate superheroes from around the world.

Stay tuned for our line-up and very special guests!

Launch of NYC Climate Heroes

The NYC Climate Heroes exhibit is a series of NYC street signs celebrating the diversity, innovation, and creativity of New Yorkers leading on climate action. These climate heroes are making our City more healthy, resilient, and just.   We are proud to share the stories of this amazing team of activists, policymakers, innovators, and educators.

Thanks to the NYC Department of Transportation Arts and Events Program for supporting this project. 

Climate sHeroes Downtown

We are so excited to announce that our Global and NYC Climate sHeroes exhibits have been reprinted and are on display in Lower Manhattan.  Just in time for Women's History Month, we are celebrating the work and leadership of 18 women from NYC and across the global South.  These women exemplify the climate leadership we need in our communities.  Come visit the exhibits through the end-of-May.  

Global Climate sHeroes: Water Street between Maiden Lane and Pine Street 

NYC Climate sHeroes: Gouvernor's Slip at Water Street

We are now accepting applications for rewarding VIRTUAL internships. Want to join our creative crew and make a positive human impact? Check out the positions that are available and submit your best today! NOTE: All internships will be held remotely for 2020. 

Global Climate sHeroes

We are so proud to have featured the stories of 12 amazing women from the Global South who are leading on climate in diverse ways at both the UN and at the COP25 climate negotiations in Madrid, Spain.  

See all of our Global Climate sHeroes featured in El Pais>>

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