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About Us 

We are building a global cultural movement that’s inspiring big, bold, and beautiful climate action.

A Message from our Founder

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We all want happiness, health, and dignity for ourselves and our loved ones.  We all need clean food, air, water, and shelter to survive.  But the reality is that we live in a world where the majority of people don’t have the means to thrive. Our systems are broken. There is a disconnect between society and nature and we are seeing the impacts of that disconnect today.


I’ve always been driven by curiosity and a sense of responsibility.  The curiosity stems from being in awe of our planet and our diverse cultures. The responsibility stems from the privilege I have experienced walking through life as a white, middle-class woman; I have rarely feared for my life; I have always been able to drink the water from our tap; and I have never been worried about whether or not I can feed my child. With these immense privileges comes immense responsibility. This responsibility is exciting and is also a big part of why I commit every day to the work we do.  


I founded the Human Impacts Institute to serve as a home for experimenting with how we can be creative in building a more just future. We are a community that connects you to the leadership and action we need to protect and prepare our communities for climate impacts. We create spaces to bring new voices into the room — women, youth, frontline, BIPOC and others  — and we amplify their personal stories and actions.  And we are a home for bringing together people to realize the beauty that is possible.  Imagine a world without trash, where there are no children with asthma, and where every community has access to greenspace AND a living wage. That is the world we are building with your help. 


The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced as humanity.  And it is our generation that will decide the fate of many to come.   We can only rise to this challenge by addressing the root causes of the climate crisis and by doing it together through big and bold action.  This is why we need to get creative on how we build our movement and create space for more people to join in meaningful and impactful ways.


I’m amazed and humbled by how far we’ve come. There’s a lot more to be done.  Thank you for joining us.





Tara DePorte

Founder and Executive Director


We are connectors. Our international network includes creatives, educators, activists and policy experts. We work in city streets, schools, galleries, and museums, bringing people together to promote equitable solutions in positive and creative ways.

Community Garden
Image by Rahul Bhosale


We exist to help you take action. We envision a world in which each one of us is an active agent of social and environmental change. Where culture and nature converge, not compete. Where our communities have equal access to resources needed for dignity, happiness and health.

Theory of Change

Climate change is complex and often overwhelming. We know that caring about something doesn’t necessarily lead us to meaningful impact.  We make action personal by highlighting new voices of leadership, connecting you to solutions in engaging ways, and welcoming you to a diverse, creative community that is addressing the root causes of the climate crisis.

Hands in the Soil

Our Annual Reports

Annual Reports
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