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Our NYC Climate sHeroes series of Human Impact Stories gives you a sneak peek into the lives and work of amazing women New Yorkers who are leading the way in their community to combat global climate change.  From artists to students to scientists, these women are addressing the root causes of climate change and inspiring others to take a stand along the way.


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Aria Doe

Co-Founder and Executive Director, 

Action Center for Education and Community Development

Aria brings people together through community-based service.


We had to set up shop as a beacon

to help this community.

Our motto was, “Act now, cry later.”



Mary Miss

Artist and Founder, City as Living Laboratory

Mary develops interactive experiences for people to engage with their environment


If I could get artists’ projects to inspire communities to sprout green from the tip of Manhattan to the top of the Bronx, I would be so happy. Maybe it's not achievable, but we're planting seeds.

Courtney St. John

Associate Director for Outreach,

Center for Research on Environmental Decisions

at the Earth Institute, Columbia University

Courtney works with diverse partners to understand decision making and communication in the face of environmental risk.


[Climate] touches everything that we do in our lives. It touches how we make our money, how we get food on our table … Everybody has something to offer in terms of addressing it.

Wendy Brawer

Founder and Director, Green Map System

Wendy designs tools for you to map social, eco and sustainability resources in your community.


Sometimes you have to stick your

neck out; We all need to help

one another to see where we're going 

and how we get through it.

Jean Gardner

Associate Professor, Parsons New School for Design

Jean connects ecology, history, architecture, and activism to teach sustainable design.
Sabine Marx

Managing Director, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions at the Earth Institute, Columbia University


Sabine researches how bringing together climate and social science can create opportunities for effective outreach.

Shino Tanikawa

Executive Director,

New York City Soil & Water Conservation District

Shino promotes green infrastructure

and soil and water quality education, research and policy.


These environmental problems of climate change, resource extraction, and depletion all have a really deep, fundamental connection to racism, but racism is a difficult conversation. It’s much easier to say, “You should recycle.”

Majora Carter

President, Majora Carter Group, LLC

Majora strategizes and creates

new visions for urban revitalization, policies, and job training.


I didn't think talking about 'hugging trees' was going to help anybody, but when we build real projects and policies that provide a sense of dignity, then we have something good going on.


Annie Willis

Student, Long Island City High School, and

Youth Leader, Global Kids

Annie engages youth in political

action and awareness


My house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Far Rockaway. I didn’t want to be known as the girl that didn’t have a home. I wanted to be known as, “Yeah, she lost her house, but she’s doing positive things with her story. She’s trying to change the world.”

Kazi Ateea

Student, High School for Medical Professions, and

Youth Leader, Global Kids

Kazi promotes climate education and

global partnerships in our schools.


I’m from an island called Sandwip

in Bangladesh. And Sandwip is

going under water. If it’s gone,

what am I supposed to do?

Jeanne DuPont

Founder and Executive Director, 

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance

Jeanne raises awareness about local, natural resources and advocates for community well being.


Local community are the people who really know where things happen.

They know who to call, they know the people on the ground.

Cynthia Rosenzweig

Senior Research Scientist,

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Cynthia researches and communicates climate science and impacts.


We have to be smart about

creating resilience in our coastal areas...

realizing that climate change is

bringing increasing risks.

Helen Matsos

Producer, Star Talk Radio and 

Executive Editor, Astrobiology Magazine


Helen facilitates innovative and engaging ways to communicate complex science.

Bethany Yarrow

Musician and Activist


Bethany inspires action and empathy through her voice.

Eve investigates landscape as starting points for audience exploration of urban issues.
Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly

Instructor, Teachers College

Gioya trains educators to develop

place-based experiences and interdisciplinary curriculum.


It makes [science] relevant to their lives. It’s not this thing in a’s happening in their neighborhood. And then they feel empowered to go out and make a difference.

Anasa Scott

Co-founder, Greenproofing Inc.


Anasa supports public engagement through hands-on science learning.


[The students] were so inspiring.

It is so great to see the complexity

of science, education, and experimentation come alive.

Kim Fraczek

Artist and Activist


Kim creates art to promote clean energy and inspire people to imagine

a better world.


We activists and artists need to inspire people to imagine the better world,

to remember the beauty that

we're working towards.

Sarah Levine

Writer and Journalist


Sarah tells local stories for global issues.

Climate sHeroes PARTNERS

Climate sHeros is a series of the Human Impacts Stories from the Human Impacts Institute. This program is possible with the support of:  German Consulate in NYC, Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN, French Consulate in NYC, Permanent Mission of France to the UN, EU Commission, New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I), StoryCorps, Winter's Past (Isaac Kestenbaum and Josie Holtzman), Andrew Shea, Amy Braunschweiger and all of the women who shared their stories and inspire us to follow their footsteps: Kazi Ateea, Wendy Brawer, Majora Carter, Aria Doe, Jeanne DuPont, Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly, Kim Fraczek, Jean Gardner, Sarah Levine, Sabine Marx, Helen Matsos, Mary Miss, Eve Mosher, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Anasa Scott, Courtney St. John, Shino Tanikawa, Annie Willis, and Bethany Yarrow.

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