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DataWagashi, 2018 Mixed Media / Tiange Wang

DataWagashi, 2018 Mixed Media / Tiange Wang

DataWagashi emerges as an innovative project inspired by Wagashi, the traditional Japanese confection art, renowned for encapsulating the essence of time, space, and nature. This experimental endeavor seeks to transform climate data into a tangible, engaging medium, integrating taste, smell, touch, texture, and physical interaction into the lexicon of data communication.


DataWagashi endeavors to bridge the gap between global crises and our immediate sensory experiences. The project aims to cultivate greater understanding and empathy towards climate-related challenges and a deeper connection between individuals and the natural world.


Tiange, a multidisciplinary software designer and creative technologist based in Boston,  creates experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds, and connect people, technology and the environment.

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