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Drift 3 / Roos van Geffen

Drift 3 / Roos van Geffen

Size: 14" x 11"

Medium: Photograph of Site-Specific Installation


Drift conveys the urgency of climate change and makes it tangible that humanity is vulnerable. The artwork invites us to acknowledge that we depend on water for our survival and that we must take care of it. The piece includes a confrontational image of people floating underwater, their faces serene, evoking a sense of belonging. 


Drift is about our fragile balance with the environment and examines our relationship with nature and water. Climate change will cause sea water to rise, which is a major threat for humanity. In that way Drift gives an image of the future.


The work raises questions such as: Are people taking over nature, or is nature taking over us? Are we part of that nature, or are we at the mercy of it? Do we take action to prevent our world from collapsing, or are we drifting with the current?

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