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Her Story / Dorothea Osborn

Her Story / Dorothea Osborn

Size: 24" x 48"

Medium: Mixed Media


Her story, a book about women work, made with vintage women's clothes. the work I am submitting is based on my studies of ecofeminism, domination, and control as well as history. The use of ready made materials which have a history most have a personal history to me) that people can relate to, contribute to the context of the work in various manners, depending on the piece. Most of the materials are vintage and are deconstructed, repurpose; some are hand dyed or painted. the materials are manipulated into forms that are most often three dimensional. This process takes on may iterations before added elements and paint. I want the public to be involved with the work making it interactive and communicate to the public the history of our capitalism, time period inventions that affected the environment and climate.

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