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Here We Are, Here We Continue, 2024 Graphic Design / Posters & Objects

Here We Are, Here We Continue, 2024 Graphic Design / Posters & Objects

This is a collaborative project of our Artivism and Amplifiers fellowship program ,which builds  the capacity of young people from communities most impacted by the climate crisis and encourages meaningful collaboration between youth from the Global North and South.


In getting to know one another and working together from different parts of the world, they merged their distinct perspectives and aesthetics through shared values. Individual pieces came together unexpectedly, as we encountered stories born from harm and transformed them into hope. At the nexus of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and a utilitarian view of the Northern material consumption that impacts Southern ecosystems, they  intertwined waste materials and natural imagery into a discourse on responsibility, care, and the future of waste management. 


They  present an alternative mode of extraction: a shift in focus and utilization from ‘new’ natural resources to accumulations of waste material. In exploring both the materiality and humanity of waste, they visualize how waste can be a container, holding communities rather than smothering them.


Here light is shed on those who inhabit the planet's most fragile ecosystems, which have also been containers of our world and its dreams. Through object and image interaction they  hope to fill these ‘solutions’ to the brim with stories.



Imagine another world, then build it. 

Juliana Jimenez Velandia

Juliana, a Colombian residing in Germany, brings five years of research experience on climate change, socio-environmental conflicts, and ecosystem degradation, with a focus on forests. Juliana seeks innovative approaches to addressing the climate crisis by integrating social justice, communication, and activism, fueled by their love for cinema, photography, poetry, and art


Nayla Pariamachi

From Lima, Peru, Nayla is a visual artist and youth activist committed to climate justice, joining the program to continue learning, connect with peers, and leverage their artistic talent for social impact, and has previously contributed to international spaces like COP 28 and the European Commission.


Carmen Lucia Valenzuela Chapetón

As a Guatemalan multidisciplinary designer, lecturer in design and sustainability, and Carbon literacy trainer, Carmen leverages graphics to amplify causes and drive change, drawing from experiences in Scotland and Guatemala to address local challenges and inspire action for climate justice.


Rachel Lang

Based in Washington D.C. Rachel is motivated to engage with artists advocating for environmental justice, drawing inspiration from their community's commitment to climate action while pursuing their passions  in fiber arts and classical music alongside studies in environmental science and sustainability.


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