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It's Fantastic, 2022 / Pauline Galiana

It's Fantastic, 2022 / Pauline Galiana

Hand-Embroided Plastic Bags with Embroidery Hoops Mounted on Plastic Mesh


In this thought-provoking artwork, the issue of plastic pollution takes center stage, highlighting its role as a frontline contributor to environmental crises. However, the narrative shifts focus to the innovative practice of repurposing plastic as artwork, transcending mere recycling to offer a tangible grassroots response to the global challenge. 


By transforming discarded materials into captivating artworks, the film advocates for awareness and personal initiative rather than relying solely on large-scale systemic changes.


Born in Algiers, Pauline currently lives and works in New York City, engaging simultaneously with many distinct bodies of work, from collages to paintings and drawings, from ephemeral installations to small-scale sculptures, and from performances to videos.



Hold corporations accountable for their climate impacts. 

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