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It's Our Future / Lukas Huffman

It's Our Future / Lukas Huffman

(USA) Short Film IT'S OUR FUTURE is a short film that tells the story of New York City middle and high school students as they participate in a engage with a climate resilience education program called RiSC. During the course of the year, the students take a boat trip to learn about NYC's costal geography and vulnerability to sea level rise. They plant trees to ward off the urban heat island effect on their school campuses. They also grapple with the Covid pandemic the tools they have as future climate activists and begin to understand how climate resilience education became a powerful tool that helped them learn how to adapt and thrive in the face of tragedy, disruption and uncertainty.


Action: Speak up to demand climate and resilience education programs like RiSC in your schools. Join the Climate and Resilience Education Task Force's Youth Steering Committee and help to advocate for culturally and generationally responsive climate education curricula and policy in New York State: Use your power as an individual to learn about and participate in upcoming elections in your city, state, and country. Choose leaders who will fight for climate education and will act to protect our communities and planet from the effects of climate change.


Bio: Lukas Huffman is an award-winning writer and director based in Brooklyn. Huffman’s narrative feature film, WHEN THE OCEAN MET THE SKY (2016), won more than a dozen awards world wide and was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival Circuit. He has been commissioned to create science and technology driven films for networks and organizations such as The New York Times, Vice Media, ESPN, The Boston Globe, The National WildlifeFederation, and more. His digital series DEAR FUTURE (2018), won a Webby Award. Huffmanis passionate about supporting the voices of the next generation of social justice and climate activists.

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