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Jahtiek Long

Jahtiek Long

The Origin Of The Phrase, Photography, 16 x 20", 2020


The first day of protests on Staten Island in response to the death of George Floyd, this photo was taken mere steps away from where Eric Garner took his last breath. Eerily both Garner and Floyds last words were “I can’t breath”. May 30th 2020, Staten Island, NY.


The Real Staten Island, The One You Don’t Get To See, Photography, 16 x 20", 2020


Hundreds of protesters marching for racial justice, this was one of the largest marches to ever happen on Staten Island. June 5th 2020, Staten Island, NY.


Press Record, Silence = Violence , Photography, 2020


Protestors in front of a police precinct holding different signs demanding justice for victims of police brutality and bringing awareness to missing and murdered Indigenous women. June 14th 2020, Staten Island, NY.



  • About the Artist

    Jahtiek Long is a multidisciplinary artist, community organizer, and activist. He advocates for the advancement of the arts and culture sector and unity on Staten Island.

  • Call to Action

    My Intention is to shift how the public perceives Staten Island in terms of social justice by demonstrating how polarizing the Staten Island narrative can be. This polarization overshadows the work being done by institutions organizations, initiatives, and members of the community that are working towards bring social change. My work demonstrates people at different protest marching for change. I want to show you that even in the most polarizing of places, there are people who want to fight for change.

  • In Their Own Words

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