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Kingdom, 2024  Short Film

Kingdom, 2024 Short Film

This is a collaborative project of our Artivism and Amplifiers fellowship program, which builds  the capacity of young people from communities most impacted by the climate crisis and encourages meaningful collaboration between youth from the Global North and South.


This short film takes viewers on a compelling journey through the bustling streets of Marseille. Initially portraying a group of fellows burdened by despair, the narrative unfolds as they traverse the cityscape. With each step, they undergo a profound transformation, finding renewed hope and purpose. Witness their evolution from disillusionment to empowerment as they discover the collective energy to enact positive change. Culminating in a message of hope, the film captures the essence of resilience and the potential for transformation within urban landscapes.



See the wealth in our diversity. Invest in communities.


Sabry Benyahia

Based in Marseilles, France, Sabry joins the program eager to connect with others and  inspired by the deteriorating environment and the lack of confidence in the future among today's youth.


Tarek Bourenane

Driven by curiosity and a  desire to take action, Tarek, upon acceptance into the fellowship delved into research with a commitment to mitigate environmental harm for future generations while balancing language studies at Moovida in Marseille, France, nurtured by a love for sports, writing, and language acquisition.


Fakhredine Habhab

Fakhredine is a French Tunisian advocate for global causes like climate justice and is currently based in France. They attend Moovida, a theater school, which provides the opportunity to fulfill their passion as a citizen by informing, educating, and shifting mindsets, aiming for collective progress and unity.

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