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Run P.

Run P.

Righteous Jones: Running Out of Time

Video Installation, Length: 24:55

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Righteous Jones is a multi-sensory social justice mix series weaving provocative music with thought provoking sound bytes from current conversations at the intersection of race, culture, and current events. This installment of the series entitled Running Out of Time (R.O.OT.) is a collage of voices and visuals that shed light on our closing window of opportunity to come to terms with societal shortcomings concerning climate justice as well as its link to the plight of Black and Indigenous Americans. While discussions continue, members of our community are no longer waiting for conveyor belt solutions. We are taking matters into our own hands to heal the past and ensure our futures.

  • About the Artist

    Run P. is a multi-hypenated audiophile and DJ. Through his project "Righteous Jones", Run P. delivers a multi-sensory social justice concept mix series that weaves radical music with thought-provoking audio from some of our most prolific voices. This series serves as a platform for the voiceless, while providing insight on societal shortcomings, especially injustices and inequality faced by people of color.

  • Call to Action

    I intend to help you understand climate change work as it pertains to the past, present, and future of Black and Indigenous people. In our pursuit of climate change solutions, new value systems have emerged that have the potential to provide equity to historically oppressed people.

    My work contextualizing the movement through multiple lenses of cause and effect. Since the rise in awareness of climate change, prominent figures have failed to garner interest from globally marginalized, communities of the African Diaspora. Whether or not it's due to blatant ignorance, the more immediate, life-threatening hardships of non-White populations have largely been ignored.

    By illuminating the political plays that upend environmental security for all, my audio documentary lays the groundwork for those in the fight for social justice to reclaim what's rightfully theirs; food, water, shelter, and life.

  • In Their Own Words

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