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South Bronx Waterfront Sagas III / Linda Cunningham

South Bronx Waterfront Sagas III / Linda Cunningham

Collage, Steel Chain, Photo Transfers, Pastel


This mixed media installation explores the deterioration of the banks of the South Bronx East River. (This installation is 34 feet wide. Here, we are only displaying a small portion of it.) . 


Bifurcated sheets of canvas with torn edges convey contradictions documented with photo-transferred images, revealing a broken South Bronx history dominated by deteriorating remains, rotting piers, power stations and waste transfer stations. Pastel, impasto acrylic and collaged elements fuse photo-transferred documentation to convey the resonance and contradictions and magnificent view of the East River emptying into open ocean. The detritus laden river banks are inaccessible and the view barely visible. The art work fuses documentary photo images revealing the engaging natural beauty of the East River along the South Bronx that should be seen and enjoyed. The use of photo-transfers is an essential aspect of my process as a documentation and historical record of existing conditions.

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