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  • In Their Own Words


    Indigenous knowledge is the answer to, not only in a climate crisis, but to all the things that we're dealing with right now that have been created out of a different world view, out of a Western world view. This has emphasized capitalism and exponential growth, which are creating these disasters and the large inequalities in our world.


    Te ite tumu o te pahonoraa, eiaha noa i roto i te tau o te tau, i roto ra i te mea atoa ta tatou e faaruru nei i teie nei, na roto mau i te hioraa o te ao, i te pae atoa o te ra. Ua haapapu te reira i te tiaraa pu o te tupuraa rahi o te faatupu nei i teie mau ati e te mau hau rarahi i roto i to tatou nei ao.

  • Vehia's Call to Action

    We need a different power dynamic, where we have the authority to talk about our places in our own ways, as opposed to constantly having to negotiate with a country that is across the world.


    Titauhia ia tatou ia faarii i te hoe puai taa e, i reira hoi, e mana to tatou no te parau parau no nia i to tatou mau vahi na roto I ta tatou iho mau raveraa, eiaha ra ia taua tamau noa i te hoe fenua e vai ra na te ao atoa na.

  • About Vehia

    Vehia connects youth with their local environment, knowledge and cultural traditions, to ensure the next generation can cultivate a love for their land and build resilient leaders.


    Ua tuati o Vehia i te feia api i to ratou fenua, te ite rahi e te peu tumu no te haapapu i te ui i muri iho e nehenehe e faatupu i te here no to ratou fenua e ia patu i te feia faatere aueue ore.

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