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Voices of Resilience, 2024. Poetry Installation

Voices of Resilience, 2024. Poetry Installation

This is a collaborative project of our Artivism and Amplifiers fellowship program, which builds  the capacity of young people from communities most impacted by the climate crisis and encourages meaningful collaboration between youth from the Global North and South. 






Voices of Resilience, a collaborative ecofeminist poetry installation explores the complexities  of climate and gender issues, drawing inspiration from Indigenous wisdom and land connection. This poignant piece serves as a hopeful beacon, inviting viewers to envision a future where collective action fosters environmental preservation and social harmony. Through diverse voices and perspectives, it illuminates the shared struggles and resilience of marginalized communities, urging solidarity in the face of global challenges while celebrating their unique contributions to healing and restoration.


As a heartfelt homage to those who have suffered and continue to battle the adverse effects of environmental degradation and societal neglect, it is hoped these voices inspire a call to action.



Stand alongside those who defend the earth.  Contribute your voice to the ever-growing chorus demanding change.


Wara Iris Ruiz Condori

Wara is from La Paz, Bolivia. She is a climate justice activist for indigenous peoples as a social entrepreneur and a youth mentor and is the founder of GREEN VOICES, an incubator of environmental and climate journalism for youth in Bolivia.


Courtney Elmes

Coming from Britain, but based in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico, Courtney, is a Sacred Earth Activist, poet, writer, traveler, flow artist, and community builder, who deeply values connection with the natural world and compassion for each other along this journey of life.


Rachel Itenderezwe

Coming from Rwanda, Rachel joins the program with a desire to launch their own initiatives, inspired by their experiences studying environmental law and the challenges of enforcement in their country, also serving roles as a young leader, youth activist, and committed community volunteer.


Iradatulah Sulayman

Iradatulah, a 20-year-old Nigerian-American based in New York City, fueled by a passion for positive change amidst the climate crisis. Iradatulah draws on previous experience as a Food Security Advocate to address environmental challenges. A lover of nature and adventure sports, they find joy in appreciating life's small wonders.

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