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Welcome Home / Zyaijah Bailey and Kelly Todd

Welcome Home / Zyaijah Bailey and Kelly Todd

(USA) Short Film


“Welcome Home” follows a day in the life of a city resident with more resources versus a city resident with less resources. Treading the line of individual action we see how our character is set up to succeed or struggle in an energy inefficient society.


The environment we live in can make it easier or more difficult for New Yorkers to lead healthy lives. "Welcome Home" is a short film that depicts a day in the life of two people coming from different backgrounds. The film shows the juxtaposition on how socioeconomic status, building health, and the environment (natural and built) impacts the lives of the individuals, and how everyday decisions and activities have an impact on the evolving environment.


Action: Consider the weight our society puts on individual choice, how our governance is set up for certain people to succeed, and provides solutions for supporting energy efficiency for low-income communities.


Bios: Zyaijah Bailey (Project Coordinator) is a NYC based environmental consultant passionate about improving human interaction with the environment (natural and built) and improving the quality of life for all. She graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelors in Health Science and has a Master of Public Health degree, (Environmental & Occupational Health Science concentration) from the CUNY School of Public Health and Public Health Policy.


Kelly Todd is a Modern Dance performing artist, teaches Environmental Science, Film Design, and Sex Education and is a commissioned choreographer. Her work has been showcased globally and has includes an award winning environmental dance film performance. She has been awarded the Brooklyn Arts Council Grant, Keshet Makers Space Residency, Puffin Foundation Grant, Jerome Hill Fellowship Finalist, LEIMAY Fellowship, and the NYFA Fellowship in Choreography.


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