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Our educational programs develop leadership skills while learning to give back to the planet and community. 

Trees and Tutus

We get it done! Our HII crew and volunteers plant gardens, clean up, and care for local green spaces. In the process, we beautify local neighborhoods, mitigate air pollution, and prevent stormwater runoff.

It's always a good day to care for a tree #tct2016 #treecaretuesday #treecare #nyc #summer

Youth Leadership Intensives

We offer virtual and in-person year-round youth leadership trainings that combine mentorship and hands-on learning. These experiences teach youth of all ages about local social and environmental justice issues, activism strategies, scientific communication, and community engagement.

Customized Educational Experiences 

We understand no two groups are the same and neither are our workshops. We work with you, your school, company or community to create solutions-centered, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) learning experiences. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of key global issues through action-based learning.

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