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Do you want to do more to inspire action on climate and social justice? 



Use your superpowers.  Inspire meaningful change. 

Take a look at our exciting, new membership program!


Become a Human Impacts Institute member and become an official part of our community of creative changemakers. 

For less than the price of one coffee per month, your membership supports our mission and helps us use the arts and culture to engage more people in making a more just and livable world. As a member, you are invited to engage more deeply in our programs and join special networking meet-ups (virtually and in-person) to engage more with other like-minded members! Ready to become a HII Member?


For a donation of $50 or more, you get a yearlong membership to our creative, changemaker community. Join us today. 


Image above: Etre Britta
Image right: Fernanda Uribe
Fernanda Uribe_in the clouds_ 16x20_2017


Have questions about your HII Membership?  Take a look at some FAQs below and welcome!

100% of proceeds support our work and our mission to inspire environmental action for social good.  



What is HII?

The Human Impacts Institute (HII) is an international environmental and social justice, arts-based nonprofit. Our mission is to use arts and culture to inspire environmental action for social good. 


What does it mean to be an HII Member?

To be an HII Member is to become a part of the HII family. Your superpowers are a much-needed contribution to our continuously growing organization. As we strive to reach more and more of a diverse audience, we use the help of our staff, board, advisory and members to accomplish this goal. You represent a group, “the HII Crew”,  that is dedicated to inspiring action for environmental and social justice. 


How often are HII membership events? 

HII Membership events are held periodically throughout the year. These events may include happy hours, leadership training opportunities, and exclusive access to our network of artists, environmental experts, and social justice advocates. Members are also encouraged to join us for volunteer opportunities.


Who can become a HII member?

HII membership is open to everyone. If you have a passion for the arts, the environment, or simply want to make the world a more just and livable place, there’s a place for you within HII. We value the contribution that our members can make and are excited to grow our community!   


Do I need to live in New York City to be a member?

No. We welcome members from around the world. Some events are held in-person in NYC, but there are opportunities for virtual participation in events too.

What are membership fees used for?

Membership fees are used to fund HII programs.

What is the membership year?

The membership year is a 12 month period that begins from the first payment of dues. 


Can I join in the middle of the calendar year?

Yes, the membership year begins on an individual basis and lasts 12 months from the first payment of dues. 

Will I get a refund if my membership is canceled? 

A refund is not available for cancelled memberships.

How do I renew my membership? 

You will get a reminder email one month before the expiration of your current membership, inviting you to renew!  

Questions? Contact us:

Image: Vikram Arora
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