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All the Way to Hell / Eliza Evans

All the Way to Hell / Eliza Evans

Interactive Installation


This activist art project is helping disrupt fracking on a small property in Oklahoma. 


All the Way to Hell is giving away its mineral rights to as many people as possible. This aggressive fragmentation of the property will inhibit fossil fuel interest in it. It often costs oil and gas developers just as much to acquire large properties as it does small properties—they have to track down owners, negotiate leases, and file documents with the county clerk and the state. The aim is to make mineral rights as inconvenient and expensive to acquire as possible. 


All the Way to Hell converts hundreds of individual gestures into a new form of environmental resistance at the intersection of property law, fossil fuel business practice, and bureaucracy. It is a framework for a 100-year sit-in. It creates a mode of intervention and expression that is accessible to us regardless of our age, socio economic status, educational attainment, etc. 

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