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Eco-Empathy: Confluence / Michelle Ferreira

Eco-Empathy: Confluence / Michelle Ferreira

Size: 23,62" x 15,7" (60 x 40 cm)

Medium: Photograph


This photographic series reflects on the responses to the human-induced climate change in our present Anthropocene era. Solastalgia, also known as eco-anxiety, is the driving force of this project which uses photography to explore emotions and mental health concerns related to the climate crisis.


The series explores our climate grief through a mother-daughter collaboration. Ferreira externalizes our internal eco-emotions through photography in dialogue with the natural landscape.


The photographs consider the eco-anxiety themes of vulnerability, disassociation, resilience, and introspection with mirrors and through the pinhole technique, employing mirrors to create a configuration of real and surreal elements to reflect the fragile emotional relationship between humans and the environment.

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