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Daughterland Series: Seed / Meesha Goldberg

Daughterland Series: Seed / Meesha Goldberg

Size: framed 24”x12”

Medium: Oil on Canvas


These paintings inquire into a land ethic of the Korean Diaspora that bridges ecologies and customs of both indigenous Korea and America, to express the depth of an ancestral connection to Mother Earth. The artist expresses a seasonal, elemental worldview in which the protagonists are inseparable from the natural processes sustaining them. The wild women forage, farm, birth the next generation, nurture, and express wisdom from a life lived close to the Earth.


While colonization, wars, climate disasters, and modernization have violently dispossessed people from land and ways of life, this series expresses how one can reach into her motherland culture and deepen her relationship with the natural world. With relationship comes care and the desire to protect the integrity of the land for future generations.


Our roots give us courage, a sense of lineage, and a sense of purpose moving into the future. As we create a regenerative culture around values of reciprocity and interdependence, it is necessary to listen to indigenous peoples. When one is not indigenous to their present home, inquiry into one's own roots helps to understand one's own historical context and responsibility, as well as ancestral culture and wisdom.

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