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Ecological Utopia: Green Turtle / Sarah Viault

Ecological Utopia: Green Turtle / Sarah Viault

Size: 19,6'' x 27,5'' (50x70cm) 

Medium: Acrylic painting on canvas


These pieces explore a utopian world where animals take back their rights and reinvent our environment. With these, Viault highlights awareness about environmental problems and the importance of biodiversity. If a species has just disappeared, it is a chain reaction that occurs that impacts all beings that depend on it.


The concept approaches the rebirth of climate by its nature and has recreated a utopian world. A world or animal would have recreated an environment without the problems of climate change and without human impact. Nature is based on biodiversity and the interconnection of each species. If we change this beautiful balance, nature will suffer.


These paintings show this hyper positive, utopian side to plant seeds in our heads. How will we create our own interpretations and understand the ecological message behind everything?

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