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Gleb Raygorodetsky, "Keep the Oil in the Ground"

Gleb Raygorodetsky, "Keep the Oil in the Ground"

"Keep the Oil in the Ground"


Oil development has destroyed the local environment and livelihoods of Indigenous communities in Lago Agrio, in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The neighbouring Indigenous Sápara people are fighting to prevent a similar fate for the Naku, their sacred rainforest. “The more oil we pump and burn, the more the climate changes. If we really want to stop climate change from getting worse, we must leave the oil where it belongs—in the ground.” – Ms. Gloria Ushigia, Coordinator of Ashiñwaka, the Association of Sápara Women of Ecuador (Featured in the Archipelago of Hope: Wisdom and Resilience from the Edge of Climate Change)




20" x 30"

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