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Raquel De Anda / Interference Archive

Raquel De Anda / Interference Archive

Like The Waters We Rise: Climate Justice in Print - From Katrina to Now, Print- Based Exhibition, Sizes vary, 2005-present


A print based exhibition exploring works form the Climate Justice movement produced after Katrina until now. Artists include (Left to Right): 


Youth Vs. the Gov


Screenprint with embellishments, 2018

The portrait is of Vic Barrett who is a plaintiff in the Youth V Gov case.


Protect Sacred Water for Our Future

Produced for Amplifier Art for Owe Aku, a grassroots organization of Lakota people and their allies to promote the protection of sacred water and land  

Ernesto Yerena

Digital print, 2015


Slidell, Charity Hospital and Loss of Public Housing

Internal Displacement

Loss of Public Infrastructure

Alec Dunn, Screenprint, 2008

Produced for Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, a Louisiana based environmental justice group and used by the American Journal of Public Health for a special supplement about Katrina, as well as the EPA




From Justseeds Artist Cooperative’s Commonwealth: Water for All print portfolio

Risograph print, 2017



Flavia Lopez

From Justseeds Artist Cooperative’s Commonwealth: Water for All print portfolio

Risograph print, 2017


Migration is Natural

Produced for Amplifier Art and exhibited at the Women's March convention in Detroit, 2017

Jess Snow, Digital print, 2017


Green New Deal

Mona Caron, Digital print, 2019


Toxic Ecology

Hannah Chalew, Risograph Print, 2019


We Resist, We Build, We Rise

Paperhand Puppet Intervention Collective

Screenprint with hand painted embellishments, 2014

Designed by Jan Burger, a founding member of Paperhand Puppet Intervention, and produced for a theater pageant organized in collaboration with the North Carolina Climate Justice Summit and Arts


  • About the Artist

    Raquel de Anda is an independent curator and cultural organizer. Born and raised on the US/MX border (Laredo, TX) her work exists at the intersections of climate justice with migrant rights and other movements for racial and economic justice. She is a firm believer in the power of art and culture to transform society.

  • Call to Action

    These works from diverse artists tells a story of people rising up from across movements to tackle the climate catastrophe head on and galvanize power toward change. Each pieces tells a story of people and the ways in which they are directly confronting the climate crisis.

    You can see how many different types of people and movements are part of the fight for Climate Justice. In these works, I hope you will see something relevant to you and your community and be inspired to organize toward change.

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