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Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall

Day45 #3, yarn, canvas, 30 x 33", 2015


This work is an experiment based on idea of combining flora and fauna into an artwork.


Green Leaves, hand knit & crochet yarn, canvas & wooden frame, acrylic paint, 19 x 25”, 2015



This piece shows the layers and chaos of nature. Hinting at a camouflaged animal print, the knotted, hand knitted cords of yarn combine with dozens of fluttering tiny leaves. I want you to take away that nature is beautiful, even when it’s messy.

  • About the Artist

    Australian born and raised, Ruth Marshall has been a Bronx resident since 2000. Her artwork explores the creative possibility of textiles through crochet and knitting, with an emphasis on bringing these crafts to a fine art level of excellence. Ruth sees yarn as having a benign aspect and a history of domestic utility, while maintaining the ability to demonstrate connections to socio-political contexts.

  • Call to Action

    I want you to see the fragility of our planet and to explore the wonder of nature. Think about how you have experienced a love of nature and what we are in danger of losing. My public community art work directly focuses participants on their direct contact with the ability to recycle with every day materials. My personal work hopes to engage people with a love of nature and to educate them, thereby inspiring further action.

  • In Their Own Words

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