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Sharon Pillar

Sharon Pillar

Founder and Executive Director, Pennsylvania Solar Center


Sharon Pillar advocates for solar energy as a major contributor to the new energy economy and as an important factor in decreasing carbon and air pollution.





  • In Their Own Words


    The transition into a new energy source is somewhat threatening. We're losing a traditional source of energy and there's a loss of identity that comes with it. It's really a whole worldview shift that we're embarking on.

  • Sharon's Call to Action


    Talk to your legislators about the need to generate more renewable energy, because policy is the biggest driver in changing in all of this. And also think about your own energy use, the most important energy is the negawatt – the energy that we never use in the first place. Then, install solar on your rooftop or on your business, if you can, and encourage your employer, faith community, and municipality to invest in clean energy.

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