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The Forest, 2023 Sculptural Installation / Chantal Westby

The Forest, 2023 Sculptural Installation / Chantal Westby

The Forest is an immersive installation exhibition that transcends traditional boundaries of artistic expression, offering a diverse array of media to engage audiences with the beauty of nature while highlighting climate change awareness and shifting perceptions. Through this exhibition, viewers are challenged to reconsider their aesthetic experiences of nature in light of the scientific consensus on climate crisis and its societal impacts, prompting reflection on their personal environments.


Created in partnership with multidisciplinary artist Lénaic G. Mercier, the sculptures evoke a sense of urgency, utilizing natural materials to underscore the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Through these powerful artworks, the artists seek to spark dialogue and inspire a deeper commitment to environmental preservation and stewardship.


French-American visual artist Chantal Westby, who lives and works in Philadelphia, produces boundary-pushing immersive art and reveals their passionate commitment to social and environmental causes.

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